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Comodo SSL UCC Domain Validation

Ideal for Exchange and Office Communication servers.

As low as $174 / year

Prices in US Dollar / USD

Why choose Comodo SSL Multi-Domain Certificate?

The Mult-Domain Certificate may also be called a SAN certificate but both serve the same purpose; they are an SSL certificate solution used to secure multiple domains. Mult-Domain Certificates provide a convenient option for organizations that own a lot of domains and looking for a simplified way to secure them through a single solution vs. purchasing single certificates for each. A single Multi-Domain Certificate/SAN certificate offers all the benefits of a Unified Communications certificate (UCC), also known as an Exchange certificate, and can cover up to 3 domains.

For example, a single Multi-Domain certificate can secure:

Features & Benefits

How can you benefit from UC Certificates?

Unified Communications SSL Certificates or Exchange SSL are built expressly for the Microsoft Exchange and/or Microsoft Office Communication Server environments.

Unlike standard or even Wildcard SSL Certificates, a single Exchange SSL Certificate can provide secured communications on a number of different domains, reducing administrative complexity and cost.

Unified Communications SSL certificates also support the 'Autodiscover' service in Microsoft Exchange, a new capability that greatly eases client administration.

A Comodo UC certificate is issued in minutes and is trusted by over 99.9% of major web browsers and mobile devices.

Comodo is one of Internet's only providers of UC Certificates. Let us help you simplify the management of your Microsoft Exchange or Office Communications Server environment today.

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