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S/MIME Certificates

Secure Email Solutions

Using encryption and digital signatures, Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) certificates ensure email security, confidentiality, and integrity. The S/MIME certificate uses the recipient’s public key to encrypt the message and only the intended recipient’s private key can decrypt the message. This allows the sender to be confident that the signed email message will only be read by the intended party, and the receiver to verify the integrity and claimed origin of the message.

ComodoCA secure email certificates are supported by all major mail applications including Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, popular mobile operating systems, and more.

Personal Email Security (S/MIME)

Used for personal email

Up to 20% off with multi-year
  • Recommended for individuals
  • Enables end-to-end encryption of emails
  • Digitally sign emails to prevent email fraud
  • Supported by Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and other popular email clients
  • Enables digitally signing Microsoft Office files (docx, pptx, xlsx etc.)
  • Validates email address only
  • Free Online, phone, email and chat support

Save Time and Money with a Multi-Year Certificate

Securing your email for extended periods is simple with ComodoCA's mulit-year plans. With coverage ranging from 1-2 years, multi-year plans provide instant savings and constant coverage in a simplified, long-term solution. Secure email certificates from ComodoCA guarantee you get our best price, locked in for 2 years.

Requirements and Issuance

Leveraging numerous sophisticated security features, S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) email certificates give users the confidence to trust their digital correspondence and avoid many of today’s attacks on enterprise email users and infrastructure. Learn more about the prerequisites and steps for ordering and receiving your ComodoCA S/MIME certificate to the left.

Intuitive Dashboard

In our customer dashboard, you'll be able to view all products you have with ComodoCA, view their status, issue or reissue, and renew expiring certificates, saving you time and fear that an expired certificate may down your site at an unexpected time.

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