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PKI manager is easy to set up and feature complete certificate lifecycle management, configurable permissions for multiple users and powerful reporting capabilities. Enterprises can sign up for a simple Pay-As-You-Go account or can lock-in a discounted pricing structure by making a small deposit (which can be used for all future certificate purchases).

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Manager allows your business to quickly order and manage Comodo's wide range of SSL and S/MIME certificates at discounted prices.

  • Fully featured, easy to use web based console
  • Quickly order fully trusted SSL certificates for all company domains
  • Issue email and personal authentication certificates to employees and clients
  • Create sub-users with specific issuance and reporting permissions
  • Full reporting and certificate management capabilities
  • No extra software / hardware required
  • Huge savings on standard buy prices

Gain visibility and control over your certificates

Comodo Enterprise PKI Manager gives enterprises the convenience of having their nominated administrator manage all their company’s certificates from a central web based console.

Advanced user management allows the creation of new sub-users with granular permissions for issuance, revocation and reporting - enabling the enterprise to operate a distributed EPKI without compromising on security.

Additional certificates may be quickly purchased through the console, ensuring new web servers, employees or internal resources can be secured in minutes rather than days.

Fully Managed CA Operations

Comodo operates the backend Certification Authority used to issue SSL and personal authentication certificates, including high availability secure redundant server systems, high speed FIPS 140-1 Level 4 signing devices, backup and customer support. All Certificates issued through the EPKI Manager are fully supported by Comodo’s dedicated customer support department.

Save money on your security requirements

Comodo already provides industry-leading prices for certificates, and through the EPKI Manager you can take advantage of further discounts. Multiple Certificate requirements for distributed systems and personnel, as well as load balancing requirements, can be fulfilled quickly, easily and cost effectively.